Companies producing food according to any GSO Halal Standard, such as GSO 2055 shall fulfil to the following requirements and rules.

General principles and requirements

Ethyl alcohol (Ethanol) is found in a wide range of foods in very small quantities due to the natural fermentations known as alcoholic fermentation, or as a result of the use of some flavorings and concentrates used during food processing where ethyl alcohol (Ethanol) is used in other components as a solvent that volatiles mostly when exposed to high temperatures.

The determination of specific percentages of ethyl alcohol in food is not related to the safety or the quality of the product, but to the Halal requirements according to Islamic Shariah.

The content of ethyl alcohol (ethanol) resulting from natural fermentation of the ingredients, naturally present in the product, shall not exceed the maximum limits mentioned in Table 1. The limits present in the table are standard limits for accepting or rejecting food products. The addition of wines, alcoholic products and ethyl alcohol (ethanol) is prohibited during manufacturing process.

In some cases, it may be accepted the use of additives in which the ethanol is used as irreplaceable solvent provided that the amount of ethyl alcohol (ethanol) in the finished product doesn’t exceed standard limits stated in Table 1.

  Food type

Allowed percentage of alcohol Ethyl (ethanol) resulting from natural fermentation

  Grape vinegar 1% v/v
  All vinegar types except grapes vinegar 0.5% v/v

Sauces, ketchup (all kinds), drinks / concentrated juices, concentrates, food mixes prepared for manufacturing, and aromatic herbs oils.

0.5% v/v or v/w

Juices including different types of nectar, cocktails and drinks and ready-to-drink flavored water

0.1% v/v

Fresh or processed foods of meat, milk and grains legumes, oils, eggs, seafood spices and sweets.

0.3% v/v or v/w

raw materials such as protein concentrates, sugars Yeast, essential oils, raw cocoa and other similar raw material

0.5% v/v or v/w
  Chocolates 0.02% v/w
  Others 0.02% v/v
Abbreviations: v/v: volume/ volume ; v/w: volume/weight



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