The Convention was also characterized by a general discussion and evaluation on the Halal world: the director of the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Dr. Mr. Naji Almutairi, asserted that more than the 60% of the research made by the Institute is focused on the Halal world. 

Enhancing the Halal-focused research is vital to reassure the Muslim communities around the world that the food they consume respects both the Koran and the Sunnah precepts, since there are many products passed off as Halal, but indeed they are not accredited by internationally recognized authorities. For this reason, the HIA President Dr. Lorenzini confirmed the interest of HIA in continuing the partnership with the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research with the purpose of implementing new ways and solutions to remove the critical situations which still affect the production processes of the Halal global industry.

During the Convention, the Chairman Mr. Farid Imadi, took the occasion to present a report about the future perspectives of the Halal market both in Kuwait and in the Arabian Gulf countries, setting a common goal: putting into effect and coordinating the production processes by implementing a genuine Halal Certification so as to meet and satisfy the customers and consumers’ needs: a starting point which will strengthen and consolidate

a steadily growing global-scale sector. 


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