Tesa Srl

Spigadoro pasta took shape in Umbria, Italy in 1822 by the Petrini family. Nowadays Spigadoro is run by Tesa Srl of owned by Podella family active also in the commodity market and semolina production: from ancient milling traditions to modern industrial technology, for almost 200 years we have been investing passion to make Spigadoro one of the most well known and appreciated pasta brands in Italy and all over the world. Very few pasta companies grind wheat in their own mills. At our milling plant, over 100,000 tons of durum wheat are milled per year from the heart of every kernel. The direct management of the entire production chain allows Spigadoro to obtain only the highest quality and constance in the blends of semolina used in its production of pasta. This guarantees Spigadoro pasta the maximum standard in quality. Mill and pasta factories are equipped with the most advanced technology and state of the art equipments, offering an absolute guarantee to the quality of our pasta. Pasta is distributed throughout the domestic market and many export countries under "Spigadoro" brand with different lines from regular shapes to special shapes, tricolor, wholewheat and traditional egg pasta sold both in retail and foodservice market.
Codice Articolo Stato certificazione
Codice Articolo Stato certificazione
Codice Articolo Stato certificazione
Codice Articolo Stato certificazione
Codice Articolo Stato certificazione
Codice Articolo Stato certificazione
HIA-ITA-00254-082 FUSILLI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-083 PENNE RIGATE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-084 LINGUINE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-085 CHIFFERI RIGATI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-086 SPAGHETTINI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-087 CAPELLINI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-081 FUSILLI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-001 CAPELLINI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-002 SPAGHETTINI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-003 SPAGHETTI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-004 BUCATINI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-005 LINGUINE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-006 FETTUCCELLE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-007 FEDELINI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-008 RISONE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-009 PUNTE D'AGO Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-010 STELLINE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-011 FILINI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-012 CONCHIGLIETTE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-013 GOBBETTI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-014 TUBETTI RIGATI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-015 DITALINI LISCI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-016 MEZZI RIGATONI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-017 CHIFFERI RIGATI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-018 LUMACHINE LISCE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-019 PENNE RIGATE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-020 CANNONCINI RIGATI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-021 ELICOIDALI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-022 CONCHIGLIE RIGATE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-023 FUSILLI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-024 PENNINE RIGATE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-025 CAVATAPPI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-026 MEZZE PENNINE RIGATE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-027 RIGATONI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-028 VERMICELLI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-030 PIPE RIGATE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-031 FARFALLE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-033 GRANDINE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-034 GOBBETTI RIGATI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-035 GOZZINI LISCI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-036 DITALI LISCI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-037 PENNE LISCE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-038 ELBOWS Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-039 GNOCCHETTI SARDI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-041 TAGLIATELLE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-042 FETTUCCINE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-043 FUSILLI TRICOLORE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-045 FUSILLI INTEGRALI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-047 SPAGHETTI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-048 BUCATINI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-049 CAPELLINI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-050 LINGUINE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-051 RISONE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-052 STELLINE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-053 CONCHIGLIETTE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-054 CHIFFERI RIGATI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-056 FUSILLI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-057 PENNE RIGATE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-058 CAPELLINI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-059 SPAGHETTINI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-060 SPAGHETTI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-061 LINGUINE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-062 FETTUCCELLE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-063 RISONE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-064 STELLINE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-065 FILINI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-066 GOBBETTI RIGATI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-067 TUBETTI RIGATI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-068 DITALI RIGATI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-069 ELBOWS Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-070 PENNINE RIGATE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-071 PENNE RIGATE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-072 CHIFFERI RIGATI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-073 TORTIGLIONI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-074 FUSILLI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-075 PIPE RIGATE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-076 MEZZI RIGATONI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-077 CONCHIGLIE RIGATE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-078 FARFALLE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-079 LINGUINE Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-080 SPAGHETTI Certificato
HIA-ITA-00254-089 SPAGHETTI Certificato