Cis Srl Sicily

CIS Sicily represents the oldest enterprise for citrus derivatives in Sicily. Throughout several generations since 1908, CIS Sicily has used the most diversified and advanced technologies in the production of citrus derivatives. In 1949 the Messina factory of CIS Sicily has been built by Ferdinando Briguglio near high quality citrus gardens, a high strategical location. CIS Sicily has always been a pioneer in the most important markets, offering specialized production to fulfill customers' demands. CIS Sicily started serving the British market after the Second World War, then served the highly demanding German market with the following French and Japanese markets. Today, CIS Sicily is expanding its customer base to growing markets like the Middle East. CIS is producing and selling high quantities of different types of products, starting with cold pressed oils, single strength cloudy or clear juices and all types of concentrated juices. CIS products pay particular attention to all required characteristics of color and aroma by applying the most modern technology systems of color cut-off Toray, pectin cut-off Roche, and flavonoids cut-off, ROHM and HAAS. The security of the sanitary and control levels for the citrus transformation process and the production of the fruit at the suppliers' farms are monitored through the ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and HACCP procedures., as well as Halal certification. All CIS products are entirely free of any agricultural chemical spray residues. Moreover, CIS Sicily yearly controls all suppliers' farms. As part of its ecological philosophy, CIS Sicily also buys organic Bio fruits which are certified by independent institutes known to perform bio-environmental certifications. The modern production system at CIS Sicily has a total traceability of all processes and makes sure that all produced products have the highest possible quality, are completely sterile and offer a long shelf life to customers.


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