Mucci Giovanni S.r.l

Giovanni Mucci specialties are the delicious compendium of a century-old talent, honed by experience and enhanced by a meticulous work with the traditional methods according to the demands of confectionary tradition.

"Quality" is the categorical imperative of the family that pays attention with passion and research in creating small masterpieces of confectionery to offer a joyful moments of life. A family that cultivates a strong ambition, noble and high: to increase the excitement of a party. Confetti and dragees that are simply unique, lovable accomplices of happiness to those who savor.

The evolution happened during the 1930’s , the creation of the famous "Tenerelli Mucci", sugared soft-hearts, made with almonds from Puglia Toritto - Today also Slow Food - and with "Piedmont Hazelnuts IGP" , covered with a double chocolate and sof-coloured sugar.

An assortment of over 200 references: all made with natural colors and flavors and certified GLUTEN FREE.



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