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HIA certification allows to get in touch with more than 25 million new consumers in Europe and more than 1.9 billion new consumers in the world. Halal International Authority provides orientation, consultancy and training for Halal market. Halal International Authority certifies the entire supply chain of production and services; from raw materials to the finished product, from the preparation to the processing, from storage to logistics, from transport to distribution, from administration to sale.

Halal International Authority provides consultancy and training about planning, implementation and control of the Halal Integrated Quality Management Systems and Halal Integrated Quality Assurance Systems. They manage and guarantee quality in compliance with QMS’s, ISO and HACCP quality systems. In order for a product to be considered Halal, it must not come into contact with goods that do not meet the dictates of Islamic Doctrine. For this reason HIA certifies logistical platforms in ports, freight terminals and airports, including all kind of means of transport.



The brand “HIA” guarantees that a specific product or service is Halal certified. This means that the whole productive process took place in full compliance with Islamic standards.

Is this product Halal?

Halal (حلال, Halal, Halaal) is an Arabic word is coming from the Shariah (Islamic doctrine) which means legal or allowed. Saying that a product or an action is Halal in the field of food and nutrition products, hygiene and health products, means that it respects the code of conduct and the sanitary laws of the Islamic doctrine (the Shariah).

Halal Certification concerns food products, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical products, health and body care, industrial and processing processes, including the certification of the packaging. In order to obtain the Halal Certification for a product or service, all its value chain has to be certified.

Halal Certification includes the certification of the quality Control systems, the supply chain of raw materials, the processing procedure, logistics, storage, transport, up to destination. Halal Certification also involves methods, systems and supply of financial resources and social responsibility. Commercial services and sales channels can also obtain Halal Certification, including supermarkets and retails.


International Halal Certification schemes

HIA certificates in conformity with International Halal Standards such as:

LP-POM MUI Indonesia (The Indonesian Council of Ulama) Standard

  1. HAS 23000 : Requirements of Halal Certification
  2. HAS 23103 : Guidelines of Halal Assurance System Criteria of Slaughterhouses
  3. HAS 23201 : Requirements of Halal Food Material

JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia) Malaysia Standard (MS)

  1. MS 2300, Value-based management systems – Requirements from an Islamic perspective
  2. MS 1900, Quality management systems – Requirements from Islamic perspectives
  3. MS 1500, Halal food – Production, preparation, handling and storage – General guidelines
  4. MS 2400, Halalan-Toyyiban assurance pipeline – part 1: management system requirements for transportation of goods and/or cargo chain services
  5. MS 2400, Halalan-Toyyiban assurance pipeline – part 2: management system requirements for warehousing and related activities
  6. MS 2400, Halalan-Toyyiban assurance pipeline – part 3: management system requirements for retailing
  7. MS 2424, Halal pharmaceuticals – General guidelines

GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) (United Arab Emirates)

  1. GSO 993: Animal slaughtering requirements according to Islamic law.
  2. GSO 2055-1: Halal foods_ Part 1: General requirements.
  3. GSO 2055-2: Halal foods_ Part 2: Guidelines for Halal foods certification bodies. 2.4 GSO /CAC/RCP
  4. Scheme of hygienic practice for meat.
  5. GSO 1694: General Principles of Food Hygiene.
  6. GSO 9: Labelling Of Prepackaged Foodstuffs

MUIS Singapore (The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore

  1. MUIS-HC-S001 General Guidelines for the Handling and Processing of Halal Food


Use of the Certificate and the Conformity Mark

The use of the HIA certifications and certification mark, according to the criteria set out in this Procedure, is granted to subjects who have successfully completed the certification process. Except as specifically provided in the HIA Regulations relating to individual services rendered or other applicable legislation, the use of HIA certifications and certification mark shall only refer to the services, products or management aspects involved in the HIA’s verifications and to which the related Certificates of conformity are issued .

The organization that has successfully completed the certification process is authorized to use the certification mark on documents, media such as: advertising materials, publications, presentations, letterheads, business cards, websites, invoices, DDTs, signposts and signatures of the Organization, vehicles under the following conditions (subject to any modifications to be agreed in advance with HIA). Any use not expressly provided by the HIA Regulations relating to individual services, contracts or other applicable legislation must be pre-authorized in writing by HIA.

In case of using the certification mark on websites it’s possible to link to the HIA website.

HIA marks related to product certifications can be used by subjects who have been certified by HIA, that provides the Organization with a model of the mark and its features.

Any type of reproduction that the Certified Organization intends to place on products, trade records, labels, packaging, etc. must be subject to prior approval by HIA.

Advertising shall be truthful and shall not give rise to any doubt or false interpretation of the type, category, characteristics and performance of the products concerned by certificate. It must also be written in such a way as to avoid misunderstandings between marked and unmarked products and the Organization shall avoid that the certification may be extended to products not covered by the certification covered by the HIA.

Reproduction of the Trademark must comply with the minimum size and colors specified in the HIA’s User’s .

Organizations may use certification or marks on documents and certified products only for the validity period of HIA’s compliance certifications.

For a product certification, the certified subject to which certification has been suspended must immediately suspend the use of the HIA certification mark on all documents, media, sites, etc. on which it was affixed and throughout the suspension period of the Certification itself.

The Certified Organization to which certification has been withdrawn shall definitively cease using the HIA mark and certifications in any form and location.

In case of revocation of the certification, HIA shall notify the Organization in writing that the certification mark cannot not be used in any of the forms and locations permitted by this Regulation (products, packaging, movable and immovable property, paper, technical and commercial documentation, advertising, etc.).

In the case of a product certification, if it is suspended or revoked and the manufacturer dispose of warehouse products on which the HIA mark has already been affixed, products manufactured during the validity period of the certification may be marketed until exhaustion stocks.

The size, colors and dimensions to be observed for the mark types to be applied are described in  “User Manual”. The various certification marks are sent at the beginning of the certification process from HIA to the organization in PDF digital format.

Violations to these Regulations by Certified Parties, where applicable, will be sanctioned by HIA with the adoption of the following measures:

  • written notice requesting the adoption of necessary treatments and corrective actions;
  • In case of failure or inadequate implementation of corrective actions and/or perseverance in error: suspension of certification held by the Certified Organization for a period whose duration will be commensurate with the severity of the default situation;
  • In case of persistent breach and/or repeat of violations beyond the term of the suspension period: revocation of the certification;
  • In case of persistent breach and/or repeat of violations beyond the term after the revocation: legal actions and side spread of publication of the case nationally and internationally;

If HIA is to find, during audits, or through searches, or otherwise, that:

  • an unauthenticated organization uses the HIA mark or an HIA certificate
  • a certified organization has probably violated HIA’s provisions regarding the use of the mark
  • a certified organization advertises its sites, products and services so that they could be all certified, and are not,

The HIA’s Top Management has the authority to request corrective actions in accordance with the relevant procedure.

HIA immediately initiates corrective action procedures when it finds an incorrect advertising of the certification or an abuse of the HIA mark of certifications.

Not certified organizations that are discovered to misuse the HIA mark, including former certified organizations, will receive a written notice by return receipt or similar communication means with acknowledgment that they shall cease and suspend incorrect advertising of the certification or improper use of HIA’s marks and/or trademarks , within a specific deadline for tacit consent. If abuse continues, the HIA’s Top Management shall bring the matter back to the competent legal advisor to initiate legal action.

Certified organizations that breach HIA’s certification-related advertising dispositions receive written instructions to effectively and profitably implement corrective action. These instructions will be contained in the Non-Conformity Report or will be provided by mail or otherwise by other means.

HIA shall take all steps that are necessary to evaluate conformance with the relevant Halal product standards according to requirements to the specific Halal product certification system. HIA shall work out an annual plan for sampling, testing and inspection requirements which form the basic for the applicable Halal certification system.


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