The Emirates Standardization and Metrology Authority (ESMA), the United Arab Emirates (EAU) Authority for standardization and accreditation, in order to unify Halal Certification Standards, has decreed that Halal certified products addressed to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and to the Gulf Council Countries (GCC) markets, must be Halal certified from recognized bodies for the related specific product category and must be accompanied by a Shipment Certificate.

Therefore, it is very important to request and obtain a Shipment Certificate for each shipment of goods before their export, in order to prevent the goods from being blocked on arrival at the destination customs office. The request has to be done 5 days before the shipment.

This update confirms the worldwide trend of Islamic Countries to constantly supervise the traceability of Halal certified products to protect consumers. Some countries such as Gulf Countries have already made it compulsory. From January 2018 it will be compulsory for all destinations.


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