On 18th November Mr. Sharif Lorenzini, President of Halal International Authority (HIA), and Mr. Fabio Spilotros, HIA Sales Manager, took part to the event "Travel accessibility", held in Matera and organized by the magazine Corriere della Sera Invisibili and Moreitaly. The three-day-dialogue was focused on religious tourism, accessibility and multiculturalism. National and international guests talked about how to carry out a project with local and national institutions and tourism, in order to dismantle any religious, racial, cultural and architectural barrier, so that everyone can fully live his travel experience. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whIEUmNlTYo We have to overcome every prejudice barrier through projects aiming to progress and prosperity in our society - Sharif Lorenzini. Sharif Lorenzini is also president of the Italian Islamic Community. He thinks that an accessible tourism is possible, since he has great confidence in Italian hospitality. Hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, museums and other public places just have to practically change their structures, so that they can respect cultures, religions and disabilities of their guests. Halal International Authority, through its accurate Halal certification process, helps companies in evaluating their services and guides them in respecting Sharia laws, so that they can satisfy Muslim guests in full compliance with their religion. "Tourism may suffer a lack of aggregation" said Sharif Lorenzini, "but networks can overcome the biggest international tourist destinations competition. Italy has lots to do and things to be developed, especially in South Italy, but we always need more aggregation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpjDoUzkORw Mutual respect represents, once again, the fundamental key, not only in the realization of real projects, but also in building a better future.


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