As reported in the Arabian Business/Global and in the Global Islamic Economy, the Islamic economy grow thanks to Muslim customers that spends in foods, pharmaceuticals and lifestyle sectors. A need of ethical consumption and linked in the Islamic faith.

In 2018 Muslims spends around $ 2,2 trillion in all food sectors, meanwhile in the Islamic financial activity, it reached $ 2,5 trillion of dollars.

On the Global Islamic Economy indicator, countries like Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrein and Saudi Arabia still continue today to maintain and lead the higher level in the consumers ranking, while Indonesia even makes the biggest leap.

the Islamic economy investment activity is highlighted also on the Report, and in 2018 reach $1.2 billion, growing 399 percent on a like-to-like basis compared to the prior year. The 54% of the investments falls into Halal product category, instead the finance Islamic category and the lifestyle attracts the 42% and the 4% of the investments.

In conclusion, the world financial Islamic economy will continue to grow in the years always in the sector of interest and in the investment plan.



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