Mission & Vision

Implement and enhance a worldwide integrated Halal market, aiming at guaranteeing, in accordance with the global Halal standards, business opportunities for finance and economic professionals and safeguard of consumers’ rights.

Our Mission is made up of:


guaranteeing that all the Halal products and services in the global market are correctly Halal certified and, at the same time, co-operating with all the stakeholders: consumers, companies, authorities and governments.


Sharing and promoting the Halal culture with all of its advantages and benefits both on institutional and private levels and training a new class of highly Halal specialized managers.


co-operating with public organizations, the governments and all those decision-making institutions and correctly guiding them in order to develop a Halal based economy and carry out policies, infrastructures and systems necessary to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the global Halal market.


Ethically working together with all the stakeholders: consumers, companies, authorities, governments and religious institutions to develop common shared policies in order to ensure that the Halal market become the example of guarantee, safety and excellence to safeguard the final consumers and the market operators.


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