The Islamic religion, with its 1.5 billion believers in more than 50 countries, represents a very huge “reservoir” of new potential consumers; nevertheless, before approaching the Muslim world, it is necessary that any product or service respects the Muslim precepts.

The consumers of the Halal (namely, “licit”) certified products/services keep soaring. In Europe, there are about 25 million consumers, in France about 6 million, in Germany more than 4 million and in Italy over 2 million. The food sector of the Halal certified products is worth 600 billion dollars per year thanks to those consumers, even if the economic weight of the European companies in this sector is still marginal.

The Halal market includes not simply the food products, but also the touristic, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, logistical and transport sectors. Confindustria (the Italian Industrial Federation) of both the provinces of Bari and Bat, invited its associates to choose the Halal certification by means of a memorandum of understanding with Halal International Authority (HIA), in order to benefit from the economic growth thanks to the export expansion of the Italian high quality products.


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