The Emirates Standards and Metrology Authority (ESMA) hosted a delegation from the Malaysian Islamic Development Authority, Jakim, who is conducting an official visit to state, for the Emirati system to control Halal products, and how the Emirates builds on the best practices in this framework. The Malaysian delegation will also be informed of the regulatory and supervisory system on the lines of production, packaging and storage of halal products in some industrial facilities in the UAE, aimed at achieving recognition of the national halal system.

The Malaysian recognition of the national system of the halal industry will be reckoned with by the UAE regionally and globally, and we expect it to contribute to further easing of trade between the state and the world, through the globalization of the specifications and procedures for the award of the label by bringing it to the relevant international organizations for adoption at the international level and making it the basis for international trade. The recognition agreement will enable UAE products on a "halal" mark to enter markets that they could not have previously, which are new conditions that favour traders and producers.



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