On September 12th it was held in Crispiano (Taranto) a public meeting entitled "Halal Italian Food".  The President of Halal International Authority Sharif Lorenzini, Crispiano Major Egidio Ippolito, the President of Confagricoltura Taranto Luca Lazzaro, the Councilor for productive activities Sabrina Pontrelli, Bari University Rector Antonio Uricchio, the President of the Consortium “Le Caselle” Giuseppe Bruno and Giuseppe Scornavacca, of the company “Studio di Progettazione Integrata” were called to talk during this meeting. The conference was held in the Council Chamber of the town hall in Taranto and was focused on new methods to reduce technical barriers in international trade and promote trade between Italy and United Arab Emirates. Halal International Authority has always played an important role in starting an open and fluid exchange policy and it is always glad to open a dialogue with local institutions, associations and companies. This meeting represented an opportunity to spread Halal culture and discuss about interreligious respect, development and export perspectives.


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