Halal International Authority (HIA) will organize two training courses in the next autumn:

  • The training course for Consultants, Auditors, Co-Auditors and Internal Auditors;
  •  The new special course on the GSO Standard.

The first course will be held on September 21 and 22, 2017 in the city of Castelfranco di Sotto (Pisa) and it is organized thanks to the partnership with E&E Service, a company dealing with consultancy for globally expanding small and medium companies.

The course is addressed to those who operate in the quality systems management and implementation, notably, managers, experts working in Halal certified or certifying firms as well as in the management and correct execution of the Halal Quality System (HQS). 

The main focus will be technical approaches on the fundamental norms of the Islamic Shariah as well as on the basic principles of the Halal Critical Control Points (HCCP), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the environmental sustainability and management and the Halal Quality System (HQS).

For more info, please email to info@eandeservice.net

For the previous training course of Bologna please click here


The second course will be developed in one day – next September 29, 2017 - in the city of Bergamo and the main topics will be the following:

  •  Introduction on the Gulf countries;
  • The GSO Standard 2055-1 (for different sectors);
  • The GSO Standard 993 (slaughtering);
  • The GSO Standard and the ISO norms;
  •  The standards for packaging and labeling.

The GSO Standard and both the ISO 17065 and 17020 norms are closely related because, considered their mutual recognition, the GSO Standard includes all the aspects of the ISO regulations, also embracing specific parameters about the Halal certification established by the GSO itself. The latter sets the requirements that any product/service must respect to obtain the related Halal certification and so to enter the Gulf countries markets. The Halal certification certifies that a product/service fully respects the Halal parameters of the Islamic Shariah established in the mentioned countries.  

For more info and signing up, please email to info@halalint.org


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