By decree of 10th June 2016, Halal International Authority (HIA) has become the only officially authorized certification body by the Indonesian Halal accreditation Authority and market surveillance: MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia) for the Indonesian country. The Indonesian Authority has radically changed its rules in choosing Halal certification Bodies and Authorities, which will receive the assignment to certify products and services to be sold in the Indonesian market. Here, a valid Halal certification must be released by an Authority recognized by MUI. Reading the decree of 10th June 2016, only HIA and another European certification Body are the only currently authorized by MUI to certify all product categories regulated by the Indonesian Halal Standards: slaughtering and meat processing, raw materials and flavors. This honor reserved to HIA will guarantee a more clear, profitable and transparent dialogue with our partners. It will also be appreciated by both our existing customers and by those wishing to take advantage of opportunities that the global Halal market offers to companies certified by HIA. After the blessing of Allah, this result has been achieved thanks to the work of HIA staff and management and of the support of all those who believed in us and supported our projects, rewarding the efforts and commitment of this years.


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