Halal market is a great opportunity worldwide


Muslims representing a quarter of the global population; almost two-thirds living in Asia.
Muslims in Indonesia, about 88% of the population. They represent almost 13% of Muslims in the world.
Muslims in Pakistan: 96% of the population.
Muslims in India: 13,4% of the population.


Halal global market estimates about 2,300 billion US dollars and grows 6% every year.

For this reason, Halal International Authority - HIA aims to support companies which want to invest in a new market and grow; it is essential that companies know how to act. Halal International Authority - HIA supports these companies, following a specific procedure:

Validation of business process

In compliance with ISO 17065 and the international laws which Halal standard refers;

Give a cultural and multicultural approach

in the company, useful for its competitiveness on the international market;

Validation of products

According to a recognized standard. This makes them usable to a large part of consumers, not only Muslims;

Promotion of a new company image

which pays attention to the user’s needs

Muslims in the world (2017)

ITALY: 3.900.000,00
EUROPE: 66.000.000
WORLD: 2,1 billion people

in Europe
in Italy
in the World


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