From now on, it is possible for HIA's corporate clients to communicate the Halal certification status of their certified products through a specific QR Code assigned by HIA to each certified product. It can be downloaded directly from the reserved customer area on the integrated management web portal.

It is possible to print the QR Code of "HIA Certified Product" directly on the product packaging and on the QR Code advertising material, online and offline, obtaining immediate worldwide visibility in the global Halal market, completely free of charge.

Reading the QR Code of a product certified by HIA with any QR Code reader, you can access a specific product information sheet, updated in real time, full of technical and promotional information on the certified product.

This service is the result of years of investment by HIA in research and development aimed at offering its customers the maximum added value and competitive advantage, sustainable over time.

The following QR Code is an example of excellence of Crispo SRL, one of HIA's customers that has successfully implemented the HIA certified Halal integrated quality management system.


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