During the first week of April, Infortrade – an important partner of Halal International Authority (HIA) – organized a business tour in Kazakhstan, in the city of Astana and in the Almaty region.

The companies involved met both the President Altaev Atameken and many local entrepreneurs, who started important business activities with.

Halal certified food companies, together with those dealing with renewable energy had the opportunity to meet many institutions, Chamber of Commerce representatives with the aim at developing partnerships between Italian and local companies and universities. 

The Italian companies involved in this partnership have the great role to offer and make available all the know-how which they have already matured.

Halal International Authority (HIA) started an advantageous cooperation with Atameken focused on the control and surveillance of the food, pharmaceutical and chemical products imported in Kazakhstan: this project can reveal to be a good chance for all the Italian and foreigner companies trading in that market.

Among the several topics, the discussions focused on the possibility of creating cafeterias and ice-cream parlours selling Italian Halal certified products; another topic was the cultivation of potatoes employing efficient irrigation and planting systems, also for the starch extraction, especially for the Chinese market. The renewable energies were a paramount matter as well, with several businessmen strongly interested in investing in the creation of photovoltaic, hydroelectric, wind installments, and biogas production from rapeseed.

The mentioned partnerships are in the initial stage: nevertheless, the future outlook is expected to be positive as long as a growing number of Italian companies is willing to approach a high developing economic market.


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