Halal International Authority and Kazakhstan are closer now. Some days ago, in the field of the consolidation activities of HIA presence abroad, HIA leaders visited the Former Soviet Union country, with the aim of strengthen the promotion of Halal certification in the world. Fabio Spilotros, HIA Sales Manager, represented the Authority in Kazakhstan. The interest is mainly due by its position, as Kazakhstan borders on China to the East, on Russia to the West and to the North and on some Central Asian countries to the South, such as Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, all countries experiencing a rapid economic growth. Kazakhstan  is also the country with the highest per capita income in the world. "On the occasion of this important visit - said HIA Sales Manager Fabio Spilotros - I had the honor of meeting some representatives of Kazakhstan Chambers of Commerce. Particularly important - added Mr. Spilotros – was the meeting with the President of the Kazakhstan Chambers of Commerce and Kazakh businessmen. In fact, they showed a strong interest towards the project of supporting local companies with the Halal certification, in order to launch appropriate promotion campaigns abroad for local companies. This is a great opportunity for Italian companies as there is a real chance to take part to an exhibition called "La Dolce Vita" in September 2017. This exhibition will promote Italian products certified in such an important context”. During the visit, HIA Sales Manager showed Halal certification opportunities, even for Kazakh companies. "In a few months - told Spilotros - new development policies will be launched, since Italy has an agricultural vocation, one of the main sectors in which HIA operates. Halal certification may represent a great opportunity for growth and trade between our entrepreneurs and local ones”.


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