The first Halal retail store in Italy was inaugurated in Bari, via Quintino Sella 164. Its name is Ithaly, created by Monica Aiazzi, Laura Tronca and Mohammed Mamduh.

Its name is a compound of the excellence of the Made in Italy and the Halal Certification: this represents an important point of reference for the Halal quality with a huge variety of products for more than 10.000 Muslim families living in the area of Bari. The store sells food (pasta, seasonings, drinks, etc.), cosmetic and body care products.

As Monica Aiazzi said, “buying in our store means being sure of using 100% Halal certified products, so that Muslim consumers do not have to be worried about the composition of products since they are completely consistent with the Islamic Shariah precepts by virtue of the Halal International Authority (HIA) Certification”. “The certification traceability and transparency are our pillars and so our products are completely safe”, Ms. Aiazzi concludes.

In addition to that, Laura Tronca stresses the cultural meaning of the store as well: “Ithaly aims at becoming a new company reality focusing on spreading the Made in Italy together with the conformity to the Halal Standards, also fostering the multiculturalism in an already open city like Bari”.

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