With the growing tourism activities across the globe, a trend has emerged within the industry that aims to accommodate the interests and comforts of the increasing number of Muslim tourists, known as Halal tourism. It refers to activities that are suited to Islamic principles, with the intention of engaging more Muslims in the tourism industry. Some examples of Halal tourism include the availability of places of worships in shopping centres and major tourism facilities. With this growing phenomenon, combined with the increasing number of Muslim tourists around the world, some non-Muslim countries have also embarked on various strategies to profit from this initiative. The growth of Halal tourism can be attributed to several obvious reasons, like the growing worldwide Muslim population increases the number of Muslim tourists, Muslims have become increasingly sensitive to consume foods and to use services, the increasing amount of income for the non-Muslim countries with the growing Muslim tourists.

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/muhammad-zulfikar-rakhmat/halal-tourism-an-importan_b_12229662.html


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