Indonesia is the country with the most relevant presence of Muslims in the world: 12,7% of Muslim people lives here. How to satisfy the growing demand for Halal products and services in a region made by the 87,2% of Muslims? First step is to check that the company production meets the criteria laid down by Sharia. Halal International Authority provides specialized consultants who verify the work process and indicate possible changes in order to obtain the Halal certification. By broadening boundaries towards Muslims needs, the company will multiply its chances of sales in Indonesia. The Indonesian national Authority has radically changed the approval of organizations and certifying authorities in 2016. Now Halal certification issued by an Authority recognized by MUI is mandatory in order to sell products in Indonesia. Only Halal International Authority and very few European institutions have been authorized to issue Halal certificates recognized by MUI. We invite you to enhance this export opportunities in Indonesia, starting now your Halal certification process! Our organization, Halal International Authority, will be glad to follow you along the path of accreditation thanks to its many years of experience.


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