Some of the most popular cosmetics contain haram items, which means they’re not halal. Muslim women, however, occupy a significant segment of market and want to be sure to buy products that respects their religious belief. Creams without animal fats, non-alcoholic perfumes, lipsticks without pork extracts: halal cosmetics are not only required by Muslim customers, but also by vegetarians and vegans all around the world. According to the French press agency Afp, the halal cosmetics industry, which is currently gaining about 20 billion dollars, will double its numbers by 2019. The growing demand for halal make up has led several cosmetic companies to check their products’ composition and make sure they’re 100% halal. To offer the best to this relevant part of the consumers you need to start a certification process, that will attest the halal quality of your company. Halal International Authority offers to companies the direct support of their qualified professionals to verify that every step of the working processes meet halal criteria, allowing you to achieve the halal certification and sell your products to the right target. Ask for more information on halal certification and grow your business in the halal make up market with HIA!  


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