Halal International Authority – HIA is glad to announce the achievement of the accreditation of both GAC (GCC Accreditation Centre) and ESMA (Emirates Standards and Metrology Authority).

Starting from February 2017 new standards are mandatory concerning the sale of food, beverage, zootechnical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical products and many others addressed specifically to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and in general to the rest of the GCC (Gulf Countires Council) countries, which are Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Yemen. In particular, the three standards are the following: GSO 2055-1:2015 concerning Halal food and beverage; GSO 2055-4:2014 concerning cosmetic products and GSO 993:2015 for animal slaughtering according to Islamic rules.

HIA is the first Italian quality certification body and one of the very few quality certification bodies worldwide to achieve this important accreditation. HIA can support Italian and foreign companies to certify their products and services according to the GSO Halal quality standards, now mandatory for the GCC markets.

On February 26th, Sharif Lorenzini - President of Halal International Authority – went to Dubai, on the occasion of the award ceremony organized by ESMA and GAC, in order to get HIA accreditation certificates obtained for the conformity to ISO 17065 and GSO 2055-2 standards.

"The implementation of the GSO Halal Standards together with ISO 17065 standards is a new goal achieved. The best practice strengthened for decades in the field of ISO standards represent additional value for services delivered and protection of impartiality for both certification bodies and operators of the global Halal markets" said Sharif Lorenzini. "This represents a milestone on the path started by MUI (Indonesia), JAKIM (Malaysia), MUIS (Singapore) and by the early Halal Certification Bodies in the world" added Lorenzini. “Halal International Authority (HIA) will work hard in order to give its contribution in this sense” concluded Sharif Lorenzini.

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