Halal International Authority (HIA) : a Story of over twenty years

Halal International Authority came into being in the early 1990s and has been constantly growing , both on professional and personnel levels, and in 2010 it became a Halal Certification Authority recognized on an international scale.

In the last 20 years, HIA has worked in collaboration with other accredited bodies of the same sector, like Islamic Organizations and well-known Islamic specialists and experts in the ethical and moral fields, thanks to whom HIA keeps on pursuing its mission.

Halal International Authority (HIA) was created also thanks to the commitment of many Islamic Shariah scholars and learned men, who are part of the Halal International Shariah Board (HISB) today, that is, the international Shariah board that oversees and controls the entire activity of HIA.

The main strategic goal of Halal International Authority (HIA)is to clarify definitively the procedures of issuance of the Halal certifications, since they still need to follow uniform and common rules shared all over the world.

For this reason, HIA is steadily focused on creating a memorandum of understanding, to which every Halal operator can make reference and that needs to be coherent and uniform to the procedures of issuance of the Halal certifications and concern the whole supply chain: from the raw material processing to the import systems and thus embracing all the production chain.

Halal International Authority (HIA) pursues its aims and mission by means of its own internal departments, but also by availing itself of national and international non-profit organizations supported by HIA.


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