A new survey of business intelligence published by HTF MI, "Global Halal Cosmetic Products Market Report 2018", offers an outlook on the Halal cosmetic market up to 2023.  

The report explains the market perspectives, the growing sectors and the major influences leading the market changes. It can be helpful to understand the main competitors and the leading brands. The five-years outlook represents a good way to try to forecast the future market developments.

The main Halal cosmetic categories of the selling market include:

Body care / Hair care /  Color Cosmetics / Perfumes / Soap and Shower gel / Other

The distribution market includes:

Supermarkets – malls / online selling / direct selling / specialized stores / Other

The report is also focused on analyzing the market potentials for each geographical area, taking into account the growing rate, the macroeconomic parameters, the consumers’ purchasing models and the predictions of demand and supply. The regions of interest are: Northern and Southern America / APAC Asia Pacific area / Europe – Middle EastAfrica.

Since the world’s Muslim population is mostly concentrated in the Asia-Pacific region, it is more likely that in countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Malaysia and Indonesia most Muslim people use Halal products, particularly, hair care products. In addition, the potential growing of the per capita income rate might boost the development of this market in the next years.


Fonti: https://thefreenewsman.com/halal-hair-care-market-set-to-record-exponential-growth-by-2027/234683/




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