Have you ever wondered why most Muslim and non-Muslim countries are constantly seeking Halal certification on food products?

The consumer nowadays tries to follow a regular and correct diet for physical and moral well-being. 
In response to this need, the goal of the Halal certification body Halal International Authority (HIA) is to bring healthy, ethical and sustainable food to the consumer's table. 

The products we consume every day condition our physical health and our mind as the title of Feuerbach's famous work "Man is what he eats" says, so the consumer is constantly looking for Halal certified products that guarantee and protect food from pollution that often leads to a diet that is harmful to our health. 

Halal-certified products are controlled according to the standards in accordance with the dictates of the Islamic Shariah doctrine according to international Halal standards.

As reported by a newspaper informasalus.it "A very recent English research states that "junk food" accelerates the state of depression in the consumer. The tests were carried out on 3486 men and women whose average age was around 55 years. The participants completed a questionnaire on their eating habits and 5 years later were subjected to psychological tests to establish their predisposition to depression and personal satisfaction. It would appear that those who prefer junk food are more prone to depression".

We at HIA always argue that food safety is essential to safeguard our health and a healthy lifestyle. 



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