The Ministry of Trade and Textile Industry of Pakistan has recently updated the requirements of their products importation, introducing the obligation of Halal Shipment Certificate, as indicated in the decree S.R.O 237 (I)/2019.


Indeed, for the entrance of goods at boarders’ customs, at arrival at final destination, it is obligatory that it is accompanied by a Halal Shipment Certificate issued by a Halal Certification Body accredited by one of the members of the International Halal Accreditation Forum (IHAF) or of the Standard Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries (SMIIC).


Halal International Authority (HIA) is accredited by Gulf Accreditation Center (GAC), a member of IHAF. HIA issues certificates according to GSO Halal Standards in conformity with Halal Standards recognized and accepted by Pakistan Government.


In order to sell their goods in Pakistan, HIA Clients shall obtain Halal Shipment Certificate, to be issued by HIA in full conformity with GSO Halal Standards and according to category of products to be exported in Pakistan.


If your products aren’t certificated Halal according to GSO Halal Standards, it is enough to require to HIA an GSO extension of the Halal Certification in your possession.


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