Halal International Authority has signed a protocol agreement with Confindustria Bari Bat, an association representing companies and services in Italy.

The Parties undertake to cooperate and share their choices, making available their specific professional skills and experience in order to achieve the objectives defined in the introduction. In particular, they undertake to pursue the following objectives

a) guarantee to the member companies CONFINDUSTRIA BARI BAT a reserved discount for the service of obtaining and renewing Halal certification equal to a minimum of 10% (to be defined from time to time by mutual agreement) on the amounts of the certification contract;

b) assist member companies, at their request, in the preliminary acquisition of information on Halal certification and the procedures for obtaining it; https://halaldevelopment.com/halal-consultancy-services/

c) Identify common marketing and promotional activities for the development of certification services offered by HIA;

d) plan common training events for companies and consultants; https://halaldevelopment.com/halal-consultancy-services/

e) to encourage the operational and managerial strengthening of the associated companies interested in penetrating the Halal markets;

f) encourage the professional integration (temporary management) of Halal professionals registered in the HIA register, interested in gaining professional experience with members who are interested in it, in the various categories of products and services;

g) Co-planning initiatives to support companies, also through and thanks to the skills of HALAL DEVELOPMENT (HD) Link: https://halaldevelopment.com/, a consulting, training and development company of the global Halal market.

For HIA, this agreement is a sure sign of its success, economic, social and civil growth throughout Italy, a way of circumscribing common paths and illustrating shared paths with more than 150,000 companies.

HIA acts as a contact network and allows companies to market their products in the Middle East without restrictions with Halal certification of conformity.

The objective of our company with this agreement is to facilitate member companies during the activities of Halal conformity certification of their products and also addressed to all companies interested in obtaining certification according to Halal standards.

The benefits of economic growth for every company that markets goods and products is a factor that we care about, so the Halal International Authority is very attentive to its customers during the certification and technical support activities, assisting them in the preliminary information phase and supporting them through economic advantages during and after the Halal certification process.

The Halal brand has been achieved by many products; many certified Halal compliance companies have conquered the global Halal market.

The Halal International Authority is an internationally recognised non-governmental certification authority, supervising and promoting the global Halal market.

To find out how to obtain the halal certificate of conformity, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information.

Link: https://www.confindustria.babt.it/news/mercati-esteri/2019/05/03/-certificazione-halal-condizioni-di-vantaggio-per-i-nostri-associati-1127/


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