University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, Halal International Authority (HIA) and Comunità Islamica d'Italia (CIDI), i.e. the association of Muslim community of Italy signed a memorandum of understanding last September 14th, 2016.

The Dean of University of Bari, Dr. Mr. Antonio Uricchio, and the President of Halal International Authority (HIA) and of CIDI, Dr. Mr. Sharif Lorenzini, signed the agreement, whose target is promoting the development of a spirit of mutual tolerance and respect by sharing common skills and competences and willingness to mutual exchange.

The agreement will put into effect the promotion of the Halal culture and its Standards in the academic courses of the University di Bari: the creation of a Master course is currently in progress, aiming at training and offering all the skills and competences necessary to approach the Halal certification. The Master is being created thanks to the co-operation the Faculties of Agriculture, Veterinary and those of Economy.

That agreement will enable to create spin-offs and business activities within the constantly growing Halal market, starting from the integration of the Muslims students and creating support services.

Dr. Mr. Antonio Uricchio enthusiastically affirmed that the agreement represents an excellent training and educational opportunity for the students and, at the same time, it meets the University necessity to step up to an international level by entering and creating new markets – both for business and tourism – thanks to the offer of Halal certified products and services.

That agreement, according to Dr. Mr. Sharif Lorenzini, will also allow many Apulian entrepreneurs (notably of food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products) to expand their business to Middle East and South-East Asia countries, promoting the Made in Italy products which are fit for Halal certification. The University will play a basic role in training the business operators who deal with the checking of the Apulian products, fit for Halal certification, to be traded in the Muslim countries. “We want to make Apulia become a big Euro-Mediterranean Halal Hub and a main player of the 3 thousand billion euros worth global Halal market”, Dr. Lorenzini concludes.

In a nutshell, the agreement among Halal International Authority (HIA), University of Bari and Comunità Islamica d'Italia (CIDI) is a huge opportunity to contribute to the spread of the culture of peace and social cohesion.


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