The company Lewis Pies, in Swansee – UK produces British staples, traditional pasties and sausage rolls. Some years ago they have turned over a third of its business to halal products. The Lewis Pies General Manager, Wilf Lewis, says “halal is the future; it is a market share growing faster than the others. During the next decade halal will be the majority of what we will produce”.

The spending power of Muslim millennials, and their mix of faith and consumerism, is driving forward not only food but also pharmaceuticals, travel, finance, modest clothing and cosmetics.

Halal food is not directed exclusively to Muslim consumers, but also to those who look for safe and controlled food: Halal is moving from niche to mainstream.

When Lewis Pies introduced halal food in its production, halal accounted for less than 5% of the company’s business. Within a few years it had removed all pork products from its lines. Now halal is the company’s main growth area, accounting for more than 35% of the business.



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