Creating a unified system of global Halal accreditation and certification aiming at assuring a safer and more traceable supply chain. Implementing the research starting from the first Muslim industry producing Halal animal-derived jelly for the Gulf countries and strengthening the development of new scientific methods in a Halal perspective.

These have been the main subjects of the "Third Gulf Conference on the Halal Industry and its Services" held in the Sheraton Hotel, State of Kuwait, on May 13-15th 2014. This important event was attended by many economic and institutional representatives from around the world to shed light on the "Halal" meaning from a scientific and economic point of view, as well as on the responsibilities of Western entrepreneurs who are willing to do business in the Muslim world.

Having to do with the Halal universe entails the perfect knowledge of the concepts and precepts of Islam and apply them to everything Muslims use and consume. It is a form of respect that any businessman and investor has to take into account in order to contribute to honour one of pillars of the Muslim society.

The event was organized by the Kuwaiti Ministry of the Islamic Affairs and the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research(KISR). 

During the discussions, new strategies and work plans have been developed, along with announcing the birth of new industrial realities in Kuwait, having a clear aim: enhancing the Halal production procedures and methods notably from a hygienic perspective in accordance with the precepts of the Islamic Shariah.

Among the many attendants, Dr. Prof. Eng. Sharif Lorenzini, president of the Italian branch of Halal International Authority (HIA), located in Milan and Bari. HIA is the only one Italian authority member of the World Halal Food Council (WHFC), internationally recognized by Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations for the certification of food products and services in compliance with the Islamic standards.

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